Birthday Clubs
These are groups, within the parish, of persons who share the same birth month and come together for celebration. Their intention is to share with each other, and the community of faith, their joy of God’s gift of life to them; and in return for this blessing work together to financially support the mission of God’s Church at St. Philip’s.

St. Benedict's Food Pantry
This ministry falls under the umbrella of the parish evangelism program. Currently this ministry distributes close to two hundred bags of food to families on a weekly basis, and requires a great deal of manpower for setting up for distribution, distribution, and cleaning up after the distribution. This is a two-day operation and needs all of the support that it can get.
The Altar Guild
Altar Guild members prepare the altar for worship service each week. When the Eucharist is being celebrated, the sacred vessels and elements are setup before worship service and cleaned after the worship Service occurs. If a baptism occurs, the baptismal font is filled and cleaned. The paraments are changed with the church seasons. Large attendance services may require monitoring or re-supply of communion elements during the worship service. 
Download Altar Guild Order Form

The Brotherhood of Saint Andrew
The Brotherhood of St. Andrew is an international ministry of men within the Anglican Communion, with corporate offices in Ambridge, PA. The Brotherhood was incorporated by Act of the U.S. Congress, signed by President Theodore Roosevelt May 30, 1908. The Acts states, "The sole object of said corporation shall be the spread of Christ's Kingdom among men." Members of the Brotherhood dedicate themselves to the disciplines of prayer, study and service.

The Prison Ministry
The Prison Ministry program undertakes projects to assist inmates of NYC Correctional Facilities to stay in contact with their children and other members of their family. Providing these inmates with stationery to communicate with their loved ones on the outside. This ministry also assists ex-offenders in assuming a productive role in society upon release, and encouraging them to transform their lives into something meaningful while resuming family responsibilities. This ministry is enhanced and supported by members of the congregation who donate clothing, toiletries, and stationary for this ministry.​

The Women’s Guild
The Women’s Guild of St. Philip’s was formed to promote the ministry of the women within the parish, and to encourage fellowship and community in the congregation. The underlying intention of the Women's Guild is to assist the women of St. Philip’s to carry on Christ's work of mission and ministry in their communities, nation and world; and to contribute their gifts and talents to the life, governance, worship and work of the church.​

The Transit Ministry
In an impersonal world, reliable church rides can be very hard to find. St. Philip’s Transit Ministry is an outreach ministry designed to [1] provide shuttle service to members of the congregation to and from parish, archdeaconry, and diocesan worship Services; [2] Assist parishioners in filling out and filing the necessary paperwork in order that they may have access to Access A Ride, the NYC’s reduced rate transportation service to seniors and physically challenged persons within the community; and [3] Co-ordinate the pick-ups and drop-offs of parishioners to worship services within the parish. Persons owning safe and reliable vehicles are invited to consider this as one of their ministries which will enhance the parish’s overall Transit Ministry.

Union of Black Episcopalians
The Union of Black Episcopalians stands in the continuing tradition of more than 200 years of Black leadership in the Episcopal Church.
Beginning with the establishment of St. Thomas Episcopal Church by Absalom Jones in 1794 in the city of Philadelphia through the election of Barbara Harris as Suffragan bishop of Massachusetts there has always been a strong corps of Black Christians in the Episcopal Church. 
Organized in 1968 as the Union of Black Clergy and Laity, the Union is the proud inheritor of the work of these people, the Convocation of Colored Clergy, the Conference of Church Workers Among Colored People, all dedicated to the ministry of Blacks in the Episcopal Church. The name was changed to the Union of Black Episcopalians in 1971.
The Union of Black Episcopalians is a confederation of more than 55 chapters and interest groups throughout the continental United States, the Caribbean, Canada, Africa and Latin America.

The Episcopal Church Women
The purpose of the Association is to unite Episcopal Church Women of all ages, ethnic origins and socioeconomic backgrounds who hold a variety of views. However, the common denominator of our members is love of God and the wish to do His work.
Those wishing to register for the St. Benedict's Pantry please arrive by 11:00am, and bring the following with you: 
  • Picture ID
  • Proof of address by utility bill

For a list of the Brooklyn food pantries in Brooklyn click here.
Community Outreach
  • Blood donation drives - twice yearly
  • St. Benedict's Food Pantry provides food to 1500 people every Wednesday
  • Parish sponsored Cub, Boy, and Girl Scout Programs.

Space provided for:
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • "Town Hall" meetings

Parish Activities
  • Acolyte and Servers Guild
  • Altar Guild
  • Adult Bible Study
  • Brotherhood of St. Andrew (Crusaders Guild)
  • Episcopal Church Women
  • Lay Eucharistic Ministry
  • Pastoral Care Ministry
  • Ushers Guild
  • Adult Senior Choir
  • Women’s Guild
  • Signs and Wonders Youth Guild
  • UBE Chapter

Alcoholics Anonymous
Alcoholics Anonymous is an international fellowship of men and women who have had a drinking problem. It is nonprofessional, self-supporting, multiracial, apolitical, and available almost everywhere. There are no age or education requirements. Membership is open to anyone who wants to do something about his or her drinking problem.
St. Philip's Episcopal/Anglican Church
(The Diocese of Long Island)
Reverend Carver W. Israel, Rector
The Right Reverend Lawrence C. Provenzano, Diocesan Bishop