Sunday School

Sunday school takes place during Christian Learning Hour 11:30 am-12:30AM.  Godly Play (up to age 10) will be held in the Christian Learning Center on the second floor.  Older young people are encouraged to attend service with their families to participate in the Liturgy and receive their blessings/communion.

Our children have said. . . .
"We learn a lot and Miss Bell makes good snacks"

"We learn about God and the Bible and we always make new friends"
St. Philip's Acolytes

Interested in being a part of the worship service at St. Philip's? 

Acolytes serve in many capacities at our church. We are always looking for youth volunteers to serve as Torch Bearers and Crucifers.  If you would like to be on an Acolyte Team, please leave your name with the church office or speak with Leon Phillips or Darnley Jones. 

Instruction takes place second Saturdays at 9:30 AM in Martin Hall. 
A Child's Prayer for Morning 

Now, before I run to play, 
Let me not forget to pray
To God who kept me through the night
And waked me with the morning light. 
Help me, Lord, to love thee more
Than I ever loved before, 
In my work and in my play
Be thou with me through the day.
St. Philip's Episcopal/Anglican Church
(The Diocese of Long Island)
Reverend Carver W. Israel, Rector
The Right Reverend Lawrence C. Provenzano, Diocesan Bishop



St. Philip's Episcopal Church is a proud supporter of ‪#‎GirlScouting‬: Daisy 2905/ Junior 2734/ Senior Cadette 2530, which meets on Saturday's at 1:00pm. Girl Scouting is fun. Girl Scouting is inspiring. Girl Scouting provides leadership experiences that last a lifetime. Join at Different Levels: Daisy: Kindergarten or first grade; Brownie: Grade 2 or 3; Junior: Grade 4 or 5; Cadette: Grade 6, 7, or 8; Senior: Grade 9 or 10; Ambassador: Grade 11 or 12. To learn more visit
Cub/Boy Scout Troop 263
St. Philip's Episcopal Church is a proud supporter of Cub/Boy Scout Troop 263. ‎Cub Scouting‬ is the foundation of the organization, designed for boys in the 1st-5th grades. To become part of the scouting family, please join Cub/Boy Scout Troop 263, on Tuesdays at 6:30pm.

BSA Youth Application: