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Let’s tell our story – Tree of Life!
Thank you to those parishioners who have purchased a leaf(s) on the Tree of Life! If you have not purchased your leaf, you may still do so. The cost of a gold, silver and/or bronze leaf is $1,000, $500 and $125 respectively. Proceeds from the Tree will fund projects to make the Sanctuary ADA compliant and the Endowment Fund.
CHURCH OFFICE HOURS: The Church office is open Monday–Thursday from 10am-3pm, ALL office matters will be attended to within those times. The Office Manager will not conduct parish business outside of those times.

ARRANGEMENTS FOR BAPTISMS, WEDDINGS & FUNERALS: Please be aware that arrangements for baptisms, weddings and funerals MUST be discussed with the Rector prior to making final arrangements. 
Please note that Baptisms will be done as designated by the times appointed by the Church which are: Christmas, Easter and Pentecost. To make such arrangements, please call the church office during the business hours of Monday through Thursday, between 10:00am and 3:00pm. No arrangements will be made on Saturdays and Sundays.

NOTICES FOR THE BULLETIN: Please note that the deadline for all notices for the bulletin is 11:30am on Tuesdays. Notices received after 11:30am will be included in the following Sunday’s bulletin. Notices must be clearly printed and/or typed. Please keep notices & announcements within a twenty word limit.

HOSPITALITY: All requests for fellowship after our worship Services for the year 2014 should be made to Glyne Bowen, Chairperson of the committee. A calendar for submitting your requests is located outside the entrance to the kitchen in the Parish Hall.
  Birthday clubs are invited to sponsor the Fellowship Hour at least once during their birth month, and committees and organizations are invited to do the same at least once a year.

CHURCH FACILITIES: Any parish group or organization wishing to use the Church’s facilities for meetings or other Church related activities must call the Church office prior to the planned date of usage so that Sexton coverage can be arranged. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated. Also, please be aware that there is now a sign out sheet for 270 Decatur St. for persons/organizations wishing to obtain the keys. Thank you.

OFFICE COPIER USAGE: Please be aware that the office copier is a leased machine and our monthly bills are determined by its usage. Our contract with the leasing company states that the church must pay for every copy made by the machine. Persons desirous of making personal copies, or copies for groups and organizations that are not a direct part of the congregation, would need to seek other means of having those copies made. 
  Parish groups and organizations are responsible for generating and printing their own programs, flyers and tickets. Your kind co-operation is most appreciated.
St. Philip's Episcopal/Anglican Church
(The Diocese of Long Island)
The Venerable Carver W. Israel, Rector
The Right Reverend Lawrence C. Provenzano, Diocesan Bishop


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11/1:  Trip to see the play "Moses" The Sight & Sound Theater

11/16: S.T.A.N.D Bake Sale following the 8AM & 10:30AM services.

11/15: Girl Scout Thanksgiving

11/21 Avent Bible Study

11/28: Vestry Elections